How we Work

  • Our minimum grant level is £10,000, our maximum grant is £100,000 and our average grant amount is £25-£30k pa.  We want to work with charities in a deep and impactful way.
  • We fund initially for three year periods and no less, to provide meaningful support and enable a better partnership over a longer period.
  • We visit each and every charity that we support and we like to see their work for ourselves too if possible
  • We support core costs or unrestricted grants, unless there is a clear reason for project funding.  You should therefore assume that we will be assessing the whole of the charity and its overall impact.
  • Decisions on funding will take into account financial status such as level of reserves, size and profile of organisation and its capacity to raise funds elsewhere
  • If a charity is seeking project funding for some reason, then we are open to supporting monitoring and evaluation costs within proposals.
  • We aim to support the youth sector as a whole through disseminating evidence of good practice and wider learning. We will look for charities that embrace a culture of collaboration and learning.
  • We like staying in regular contact – whilst we will ask for an annual report for grants under £40,000 and a six-monthly report for those above, we welcome regular e-mail or telephone contact that keeps us informed of progress
  • We are open to a change of direction and encourage course correction if it is based on feedback from young people – if something that we are funding is not working, then please let us know regardless of whether it deviates from the original proposal.

To read about our commitments to the charities we fund go to our Commitment Statement