Applying for a Grant

Application process:

NB The Trust does NOT accept postal applications.

Stage 1:

Read the What We Fund section of the website thoroughly to make sure you are eligible.  Complete the online Outline Proposal form on the website which asks you to outline your project in no more than 200 words.

Stage 2:

The Blagrave Trust will contact you within one month to let you know your application is not of interest, or to find out more about your work by phone or electronically.

Stage 3:

Assuming interest, the Trust will set up a face to face meeting with you and key members of your organisation and most likely ask you to complete our core costs  application form.   Please do not send us an application unless we have asked you to, so as not to waste your time.

Stage 4:

The proposal will be put forward at one of the Trustee meetings in March, July or November after which you will be notified immediately of a decision.