Opportunity for charities to get an understanding of leadership coaching and its potential impact on their organisation

Connect 101 – Connecting charities and coaches worldwide – 

The Project

Between 6th and 10th June, we are initiating 101 conversations worldwide between charities and leadership coaches.


This is part of The Kairos Project’s overall social mission – to make leadership coaching and development accessible to charities and social enterprises worldwide.


Who is it for?

Leaders of charities that want to understand what leadership coaching is and how it can help them address their challenges and achieve their missions.



We believe that charities and coaches are two powerful agents of change and that they are set to do some great work together. These two know each other, but not well.


Connect 101 serves two main aims:

  1. to spread the Kairos promise: to make leadership coaching accessible – meaning financially viable, geographically possible and immediately understandable – no matter where you are.
  2. to inform all those tackling the world’s most challenging social and environmental issues that you will never be alone in your endeavor


How will it work?

Between 6th to 10th June, we will connect you to one of our 15 highly talented leadership coaches. All conversations will be 1 hour, by skype or phone (local numbers).


Who is behind The Kairos Project?

We are a social enterprise registered in UK; our international group of accredited and fully qualified coaches work in 25 countries across 4 continent in 7 languages


What to do next?

Register for Connect 101 online at  http://www.thekairosproject.com/connect-101/. We will get straight back to you with further information.

9th May 2016