Apply for funding

We have two types of funding:

Ongoing funding opportunities

All year-round funding, mainly unrestricted grants.
We aim to support the needs of partners and try not to impose any restrictions.

Time-limited funding opportunities

We create time-limited funding opportunities that help us to address specific aspects of our charitable mission.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

How to apply

Read the approach and our work sections of the website thoroughly to make sure you are eligible and that you are applying for the appropriate type of funding for you or your organisation.

Apply for the appropriate funding opportunity for you or your organisation below:

Ongoing funding opportunities

Click here to apply

Time-limited funding opportunities

We do not currently have any time limited funding opportunities open for application.

Please click here to be notified about other potential funding opportunities in the future.

If you would like a physical copy of the form prior to submitting or if you would prefer to submit your application in a different format for accessibility needs, please get in touch.

We will be in touch with you within a month to let you know whether we are interested in taking your proposal forward and the process from here.

If we want to take your proposal forward, we will meet with you and/or arrange a call to learn more about your work and talk through your proposal. We will then ask you to share documents with us, as well as use supporting information that you have already produced, e.g. annual reports or applications for other funders, to understand your work and support a final decision on funding.

We welcome any feedback on our decision here, please note this is anonymised.

If your proposal is for over £20,000 per year we will put it forward at one of the Trustee meetings in January, April, June, September or November after which you will be notified immediately of a decision. If your proposal is under £20,000 per year, the Blagrave team  will review your application within four weeks and you will be notified immediately after a decision is made. If a grant is made, we ask partners to accept our terms and conditions

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