Our work is guided by the young people we serve. It is to them that we are accountable.

The young people we serve

We are here to serve young people challenging and experiencing injustice in their individual lives and within society. We do not seek to categorise young people or reduce their circumstances to eligible checklists so this description does not attempt to be comprehensive. We work alongside these young people to bring direct lived experience into our decision making. 

We are not here to serve those young people who are fortunate to have stable homes, privileged education, and access to financial and social capital. 


A world where all young people have hope, access to the support they need, a stake in society and influence over their futures.


To bring lasting change to the lives of young people; investing in them as powerful forces for change and acting upon their right to be heard in pursuit of a fair and just society.




Alert to any potential negative impacts of our work, always prioritising doing no harm


Critically assessing our work and evolving in response to what we learn


Partnering with others


Using all of our resources in pursuit of our mission


Communicating openly and making our decisions and policies public and accessible


Recognising and respecting the lived experience and expertise of those we work with


Willing to challenge the status quo in the pursuit of social justice

Inclusive & equitable

Bringing diverse people together to redress power imbalances