Our strategy

Our strategy outlines our objectives and key areas of work to help us achieve our mission between 2022-2026. It was designed in collaboration with young people and other key stakeholders.


To bring lasting change to the lives of young people; investing in them as powerful forces for change and acting upon their right to be heard in pursuit of a fair and just society.


The young people we are here to serve; long-term systems change; youth engagement and leadership.


By investing in its capacity to support, listen and be held to account by young people.

Young people have their rights and needs met by the services that exist to support them.

Young people have influence on the organisations, systems and institutions which exist to serve them.

A responsive and collaborative youth sector emerges post-Covid-19.

By funding young people directly and building the infrastructure support they need.

Young people mobilising to create change in their communities have a tried and tested route to access both funding and support for their work.

Increased numbers of impactful youth-led campaigns.

The UK field of youth led change grows and builds over time, as distinct and separate from the wider youth sector.

By supporting young people to engage in democracy and participate in policy-making; and funding experts to research and advocate on their behalf where necessary.

Young people that are the most likely to be excluded from policy decisions are better represented.

Young people with experience of social injustice gain agency and power as part of policy-making.

Increased sector knowledge about how to enable young people to influence policy on local and national levels.