Blagrave attends launch of the new Inspiring Impact tool – Measuring Up

Charities that Blagrave funds may be interested in a new tool just launched called ‘Measuring Up’. It’s a straightforward, step-by-step self-assessment tool that allows you to review and improve your organisation’s impact practice – that is, the way you plan, evidence, communicate and learn from the difference that your work makes.

Measuring Up gives you an accurate and detailed picture of where your impact practice is going well, and where it could be improved. Completion of the self-assessment will generate a report outlining your strengths and weaknesses across each area. You can then download an action plan and searchfor resources and tools to support you in this area.

Measuring Up has been designed specifically for charitable organisations and social enterprises, whatever their size, sector or budget. This means that Measuring Up can be used by organisations large and small, newly-founded or well-established, and by people who are new to, or experienced in thinking about their impact.

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24th June 2014