Congratulations to amazing young campaigners

The Blagrave Trust are proud sponsors of the Sheila McKechnie Young Campaigners Award – a national awards scheme that recognise the best campaigns and campaigners locally and nationally.

The winner of the Young Campaigners Award was Kenny Murray. Kenny is tackling negative media portrayals of people who are in or have grown up in care. He wants them to be portrayed in a balanced, accurate and fair way – at the moment, in both news and entertainment media, they are not. Often, portrayals of care experienced people tend to use their experience of care as a shorthand for ‘troubled’ or ‘damaged’.

His work has overturned advertising campaigns, received the backing of leading authors, received support from Hollywood directors and he has worked with the First Minister of Scotland to raise the profile of the issue.

Many congratulations to him and all the young campaigners shortlisted for this award.

28th March 2019