Coronavirus – what we’ve heard from partners

Over the last challenging week, we’ve had conversations with many of you who have let us know about the measures you’re taking in response to the coronavirus. We are all incredibly impressed and grateful to you for the extraordinary measures you’re taking to protect young people as much as you’re able.

Across the board, partners are trying to balance public health needs whilst also doing their utmost to support young people. For the overwhelming majority, this balancing act has required significant alterations to working patterns and service delivery at short notice.

We’ve started to put together a selection of examples along with a few links to other resources that may be helpful. Please see Partners response to coronavirus for a short read.

Would you be interested in hearing more? We would like to convene a zoom meeting of partners to discuss some of these shared challenges. Would you be interested in taking part? Please reply, or email to indicate interest in a shared Zoom call in the near future.

20th March 2020