The Echo of Constituent Voice

In 2015, Alliance magazine ran a special edition on beneficiary feedback and user voice. The pieces contained in the edition raised some big questions as to why – if almost all foundations and non-profits agree that getting beneficiary feedback is a good idea – more of them don’t do it? Is it because they don’t know how? Is it too uncomfortable to do? For the pioneers, what are the benefits? How can foundations be more accountable?

A year on, Alliance published an update asking key players in this movement – including the Blagrave Trust’s Director, Jo Wells – about their views on where the sector is now. What are their hopes and reservations? Is feedback actually becoming transformation?

Read the responses of David Bonbright of Keystone Accountability, Genevieve Maitland Hudson, Head of impact and evaluation, Power to Change Trust, Jo Wells, Director, The Blagrave Trust, Melinda Tuan, Project manager, Fund for Shared Insight, and Fay Twersky, Director of the effective philanthropy group, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation in the article, here.


30th January 2017