Listening and learning from young people

We are currently excited to be working with a selection of the charities we fund and Keystone Accountability to look at current constituent feedback practices, looking at the different experiences and approaches with a view to identifying areas in which funding partners are conducting innovative and exciting feedback loops, but also highlight areas of challenge which could be improved.

In order to select those to be involved with the study we sent 35 partners a very short survey to complete on their current use of constituent feedback. 23 (65%) did so, and the results were quite interesting;

When asked how they could be better supported in their feedback practice, only 3 people said they needed more funding or resources. Another 3 people said they needed best practice guides, with a further 2 saying they needed help turning feedback into corrective action. The most popular choice, however (8 people), and one which demonstrates their (impressive) appreciation for the feedback experience – what is it like to engage with us an organisation – was for creative approaches to feedback which makes the process engaging, meaningful and relevant to the young people they aim to help.

It is going to be fascinating understanding more about how these organisations work with their constituents, and as we bring together valuable learning points, we will ensure they are shared across all our partners and where appropriate, with other stakeholders such as Trusts and Foundations and learning organisations with a specific interest in Feedback systems.

11th June 2015