New framework available for highly effective organisations

April 2018

This month, US based organisation Leap of Reason published a revised version of their ‘PerformanceImperative_2.0‘  They call this a framework for highly effective civil society organisations. It sets out 7 key areas in which, in their (and our) experience, the very best charities and non profits excel.

We’re very pleased to note that the framework now includes an emphasis on organisational listening to user voice – at the highest level. The framework states that one characteristic of a highly effective Board of Trustees is that they listen and respond to the needs of the people they serve (i.e., their primary constituents). They note that this means systematically collecting, synthesizing, and using constituent feedback to inform decision making.

For charities who want to go deeper into the framework Leap of Reason has also published a self assessment framework: this helps organisations identify specific practices or behaviors that represent manifestations of each principle of the framework in action.


5th April 2018