New HR management system for VSOs

Our funder friends at Zing – – who support start-ups and organisations helping young people achieve their potential, have developed a new product.

CiviHR is an integrated, open source HR management application that has been designed for non-profits around the world and that can be downloaded for free or used as a hosted service via the web for a modest fee.  A single, integrated system, covering everything from recruitment, joining and exiting, staff details, leave and absence, a self service portal and much more.   Most organisations are using a disparate set of unconnected systems which are hard to manage and hard to draw any useful data from.  CiviHR brings all this into one single platform making it easier to manage and reducing overhead for an HR person or persons.

If you are interested in finding out more about CiviHR then go to or get in touch with Zing!

26th September 2016