Our Pathways Fund Partners

The Pathways Fund offers core grants of £60K-£90K over three years (£20K-£30k pa) to emergent youth-led groups across EnglandWe see this fund as a ‘Pathway’ to support groups who are emergent to become more established. 


We define: 

  • emergent groups as those who have some experience in doing work for social justice but may struggle to access financial and other forms of support to develop their work and ideas.  
  • established groups as those who have a track record of impact, strong networks, and are mostly looking for financial resource to ensure they can sustain work that is already happening.  

We went public with the Pathways Fund in September 2023 and currently have 17 partners funded through the programme with grant totalling £1.1m.

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Watch this space as we will be sharing more about our Pathways Fund Partners over the coming months!

2022 Partners
  • Avocados Advocacy CIC provides legal advocacy and community for children in care and care leavers in Devon. 
  • Our Streets Now are an intersectional motivated network of women, girls and people of marginalised gender organising against Public Sexual Harassment.  
  • Radical Body are a disability arts organisation producing radical new performances by and for disabled people.   
  • Young Justice Advisors are a group of young people with lived experience of the Criminal Justice System working with a range of agencies to influence policy and practice.    
 2023 Partners
  • Account is led by and for youth adversely impacted by policing interventions, providing spaces for healing and political and legal education. 
  • Babylon Migrants Project brings together facilitators and participants from refugee, migrant and asylum-seeking backgrounds, to provide creative activities and community.
  • Motivez mission is to address the world’s biggest problems through the next generation of STEM leaders.
  • OneWithTheVillage provide young people across Lambeth and their carers/parents access to opportunities for personal/socio-economic support.
  • Tag Agency creates space and opportunity for young Black creatives to authentically convey narratives of social change, care, joy, and more.
  • Yucan is a lived experience-led organisation that supports young carers based in Newham. 
2024 Partners
  • Care Experienced Movement is a collective of Care Experienced People working together as activists to drive the change they need. 
  • Choked Up is a youth-led campaign to strengthen clean air legislation and ensure everyone has the right to breathe clean air.  
  • Muslim Northern Women is a youth-led collective of Muslim women and girls in Northern England working to challenge and dismantle Islamophobia.  
  • Not a Trend provides resources and guidance to schools, made in collaboration with educators, organisations and young people to undergo a thorough decolonisation process.  
  • Skate Gals & Pals are a collective supporting the LGBTQIA+ community, individuals of marginalised genders, and People of Colour (POC) through skating. 
  • The Halo Collective are an alliance of organisations and individuals working to create a future without hair discrimination.