Regional Advisers’ Fund

The Blagrave Trust regional advisers have funding available!

We are recruiting up to 8 organisations providing vital services to young people in the South East of England to join a year long collaborative programme of funding and support. Our aim is to allow organisations to share knowledge and support each other to develop the reach of their work with those who are facing the greatest social barriers.

“We want to help young people who have experienced the cruel effects of the world and are facing the biggest barriers in accessing services to see what they can’t see: opportunities for a brighter future”
–  Blagrave Regional Advisers


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Breaking down the language

Young people facing the greatest barriers

With this funding we want to reach young people who are facing injustice. Young people who are or have been disadvantaged because of poverty, social exclusion, discrimination or any other contributing factors. We are particularly interested in work which supports young people who have been affected by a combination of these different factors.

Our emphasis in this fund is young people who are disadvantaged by systems, not just by individuals.

Taking an active approach to accessibility

We want all young people to have access to the services they need, so we want to fund organisations that:

  • are reviewing their accessibility and working to reach more young people who face the greatest barriers to accessing services
  • are inclusive to all – emotionally and physically
  • recognise the individual needs of each young person
  • are reflective of the target user group

Excellent services

We want to ensure young people have access to excellent services that build trusting relationships with young people that help them to feel included, part of a community, and to have a future.

We believe that features of excellent services are:

  • The target group has meaningful involvement in how the organisation is run and a say in the decisions that will affect them
  • They offer active accessibility recognising each young person as an individual
  • They are educated but have a down to earth manner. They have a culture of active learning – they want to improve
  • They are empowering young people and offering alternative futures
  • They are driven for positive, long term change
  • There is transparency within the organisation
  • Staff are representative of the target group and there is a low average age gap between young people and staff
  • Staff have empathy, lived experience, are professional and knowledgeable
  • They are collaborative and great communicators. They ensure their support continues even when key staff leave or are absent
  • They work in a way that is trauma informed
Who we want to fund

We want to fund charities providing excellent services, who work to create an inclusive community for young people based on trusting relationships built on care and compassion, and are actively accessible to young people, to reach young people facing the greatest barriers.

We particularly want to reach organisations who are responding to the cost of living crisis for young people, associated housing problems and the poor mental health related to their circumstances that will result.

This funding programme has been designed by six young people from across the South East of England who have experience of services: they are Blagrave’s regional advisers. They believe that young people should have an equal say in decision making that affects them and see this as a priority in funding too. The funded partners in this programme will have a chance to work collaboratively with the other funded organisations and the advisers, sharing ideas and approaches.

The advisers have built on previous work with Blagrave partners in the region on how intersectionality applies to their services and their own experiences to design this programme.



What we can offer

Grants are available between £10,000 and £40,000 per organisation for one year.

We are also offering:

  • A light touch, non bureaucratic application and reporting process based on trust
  • The opportunity to learn alongside other organisations doing similar work in the SE of England, and the Blagrave regional advisers
  • The possibility of applying for longer term, unrestricted funding from the Blagrave Trust (up to 3 further years) if the partnership is successful
Your involvement

We would like all funded organisations to have opportunity to work together, to support and critique each others’ work, and learn collaboratively alongside the advisers. In practical terms, we will ask funded partners to attend:

  • A shortlisting meeting with regional advisers and Blagrave for one staff member and a young person from your organisation (online)
  • Initial kickoff meeting to introduce other funded charities (online)
  • Learning visit from Blagrave member of staff and regional adviser half way through delivery (in person) to meet you and the young people you are working with
  • Final cohort meeting for one member of staff and a young person from all participating organisations (in person tbc)

At the end of the year’s funding, all partners will be asked for a final written learning report.

Eligibility and priorities

Who is eligible: 

Charities and non-profit organisations in Berkshire, Hampshire, Kent, Sussex and Wiltshire supporting young adults and young people aged 16-25 facing significant barriers due to injustice. Who are:

  • providing vital services to young people, responding to the current crisis
  • reviewing their accessibility and working to broaden their service users
  • representative of the target group
  • actively approaching learning about the impact of their service
  • ensuring that the target group has meaningful involvement in how the service is run and have an influence in decisions that affect them

Not eligible:

  • Organisations that cannot show they operate in an intersectional way, demonstrating their anti-racist, LGBT+ awareness and disability awareness in particular
  • Organisations that involve young people in tokenistic activity
  • Non constituted groups or individuals
  • Work that is primarily religious in intent
  • Capital projects

We are particularly looking to fund organisations that:

  • Are serving young people facing the greatest barriers to accessing services
  • Are centred around creating long term, trusting relationships with young people where they feel part of a community
  • Are striving to reach more young people beyond those currently served
  • Can demonstrate young people are involved in a meaningful way in decision making in their organisation. We will expect all applications to be endorsed by a young person

Can I apply if I am already receiving a grant from the Blagrave Trust?

No, if Blagrave already funds your ongoing unrestricted costs there isn’t a role for this funding.

Assessment criteria

We will be prioritising applications based on:

  • Which young people are the focus of the application
  • The accessibility and the potential accessibility of the organisation’s services
  • How meaningful young people’s involvement is within your organisation

Across the cohort we want to achieve a balance of organisations, working on different areas and in different geographies, and will also be taking these factors into account.

How to apply

Click here to apply

The deadline for proposals is midnight on 31st October 2022.

We are happy to accommodate different access needs. If you need support with your application, please contact our Head of Grants via email at


  • Deadline for applications is Monday 31st October
  • Shortlisting decisions by early December 2022 
  • More information requested (if necessary) December 2022
  • Interviews during January 2023
  • Final decisions by end of January 2023
  • Initial cohort meeting online end of February 2023 (date tbc)
  • Learning visit from April–June 2023
  • End of cohort meeting during December 2023
  • End of project report during January 2024