Power in Our Hands?

The independent inquiry into the future of civil society has published its first year’s report. The represents the culmination of over 60 ‘community conversations’ with voluntary sector organisations and communities across the country in 2017. Partners that attended our annual meeting in October 17 will remember feeding their own reflections into the process.

The inquiry report has found a tremendous energy within communities to shape solutions to societal issues. But the findings also pose some challenging questions around the role of charities and formal organisations: are charities themselves part of the structural problems people face? How can we place more power into the hands of people we are trying to help?

The inquiry continues until the end of 2018. In the mean time they are looking for continued engagement, particularly from people who are willing to tell their own stories; share an inspiring example; or try out their new community engagement toolkit. Sign up: https://civilsocietyfutures.org/



1st May 2018