Tech resources available to support feedback

Most social development organisations believe it is important for people to have a meaningful voice in the programs that affect them. But how many listen effectively? And how many respond to what people say?

The Blagrave Trust supports charities and social enterprises who make effective use of feedback from young people. We are working with Feedback Labs, a US movement showing what can and is being done in the US and UK. They have put together a useful list of available technology solutions that charities and social organisations can use free or at low cost to undertake different stages of the feedback ‘loop’. These range from text messaging apps that allow you to ask your young people for feedback on the service you have just offered them; to survey tools; to platforms that allow you to conduct analysis on results.

The resources can all be found on the Feedback Labs website.


Tessa Hibbert, November 2016


9th November 2016