Social Power! Civil society to be bolder and braver

The final report of the Social Change Project has launched. It is the culmination of a research project by The Sheila McKechnie Foundation into the question: what can we learn about how social change is happening today that can strengthen civil society’s future efforts?

The Blagrave Trust has been one of the funders of the research which has taken 18 months and involved conversations with hundreds of civil society organisations and activists.

The report concludes that civil society holds the keys to tackling some of society’s most pressing challenges – from knife crime to climate change – and calls this ‘Social Power’. This power is being constrained and the report urges the sector to be bolder and braver in using its power.

The report contains some useful resources for campaigners and those involved in social change, including ’12 habits of successful change makers’ that can be adopted to maximise change potential.

Read more and download the report here.

28th June 2018