Young People Count – new data resource

Partnership for Young London has published ‘Young People Count’, a a guide to the different data sources that are available on the problems that young people face in the United Kingdom.

Drawn from official figures, such as the Office of National Statistics, and independent research by community and voluntary organisations, it covers the subjects of; health, youth employment, housing, crime, education, participation, and poverty.

The challenges that young people face are numerous, and interlinked, and are not easily addressed in isolation. Yet one thing is clear: young people are at a disadvantage compared to the rest of the population on almost every area.

Facing discrimination, worse employment opportunities and more crime, young people have been the worst impacted by the recession. This, coupled with a lack of affordable housing, makes one of the hardest situations acing the next generation to face in decades.

This is a really useful and comprehensive guide, which charities and social enterprises will find useful for funding bids and needs research.



25th January 2017