Listening to young people about Covid-19

We believe that listening carefully and deeply to young people to understand the implications of Covid-19 is more important than ever.

Service-delivery organisations need to listen to their communities to inform the changes they are making to their operations.

Campaigning organisations need to listen to understand how the virus and the policy response are affecting the lived experience of those they represent, and where it has created opportunities

Funders need to listen to identify where their resources can have maximum impact alongside others and use this opportunity to re-shape how they work

Local and national government will also need to be supported and encouraged to listen to a diversity of expertise and experience as we collectively respond to this crisis.

The Listening Fund is a partnership project between The Big Lottery Fund, Blagrave Trust, Comic Relief and The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation. It focuses on young people. It aims to ensure that organisations, influencers and decision-makers listen to young people’s expertise and experience, whilst supporting young people to lead social change themselves. The Fund also aims to act as a resource for the funding community. It shares learning on how we share our power and how we improve our accountability to those we exist to serve. In the context of Covid-19 and its devastating, unequal impact across British society, The Listening Fund’s work feels increasingly important. It is therefore crucial that the Fund critically analyses its role, adapting and responding where necessary.

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29th April 2020