Partner Development Fund

The Partner Development Fund is a new fund that we are piloting this year for our pre-existing youth-led grant partners!

 We have designed the fund in direct response to feedback and learning from our youth-led partners. They expressed  the need for quick-release micro-funding to support unexpected needs as they emerge. In response, we have designed a brand new funding mechanism to allow us to get grant payments out in 2-3 weeks that meets this need. Costs could include developmental opportunities, collaboration and travel costs, or funding to support wellbeing and rest.

If you would prefer a word document of this page you can download this here.


We are offering payments of up to £1,000 per grant partner (meaning the total we will give out per individual/collective/group that we fund is up to £1,000). The minimum application size is £10.

Initially, we will only be accepting one application per partner, regardless of the amount you’re applying for. This is to ensure that as many partners as possible can access the support they need.

In September 2023 we will review what funding we have remaining and, if there is sufficient budget, we will allow partners to submit additional applications for support. Please note! Second applications will only be open to those who have applied for less than £1000.

Who this fund is for

Youth-led partners we have current funding relationships with, including:

  • Challenge and Change Partners
  • Pathways Partners

Who this fund is NOT for:

  • Youth-led partners that we no longer have a funding relationship with including:
    • Opportunity Fund Partners
    • Challenge and Change Cohort of 2021-2022

If you are unsure if you’re eligible for this fund, then please reach out to your lead contact at Blagrave to ask.

What this fund is for

The fund is focused on funding our youth-led partners development in any of the below areas:

  • Organisational development 
    • Paying for external expertise in a specific aspect of your work e.g, safeguarding, legal, HR, fundraising, finance
    • Developing the skills and knowledge of the team through group workshops or attending training
    • Work to support the team through times of organisational and culture change and/or conflict.
  • Personal development 
    • Accessing workshops and programmes to build further knowledge and expertise, develop skills, and/or grow confidence of an individual
    • Coaching & mentorship fees – online or in-person
  • Mental health and wellbeing 
    • Therapy, counselling – online or in person
    • Paying for space to rest – gym membership, yoga/meditation, retreats.
  • Peer learning and collaboration 
    • Travel and accommodation to learn from others practice within England (other partners/charities/elders).
    • Travel and accommodation to specific policy or networking events related to your work.


What this fund is NOT for:

  • Wages
  • Living costs: eg. rent, clothes, shopping, personal benefit
  • Buying equipment or tools for work: e.g. Canva, laptop, office rent
  • Driving lessons
  • Paying towards university fees
  • Back payments for training that has already taken place or been paid for
  • Visits or sessions taking place outside of England.


We are fully aware that this list is not all-inclusive. If you are unsure if what you would like to apply for is eligible, please discuss this with your lead contact at Blagrave.


What reporting will be required?

We won’t be asking for any written report. However, we will need copies of receipts to show how you spent the money. We will also ask you to complete a short questionnaire so that we can understand whether the payments have met your needs.


How quickly can I get a payment?

Applications are reviewed on a weekly basis, with payments being made within three weeks of your initial application.


How to apply


The application contains only a few short questions. If you are interested, please reach out to your lead contact at Blagrave who will share the application process with you.

This fund will be open until December 2023 and you can apply whenever works best for you.

If you’re not looking to apply for this funding but are interested in finding out more, then please email us at and include ‘Partner Development Fund’ in the subject.