Climate Commitment

Blagrave signed the funder commitment to climate change in November 2019. We review and publish our progress annually against our commitment. We are also one of 24 leading asset owners, calling on the asset management industry to adopt minimum standards in support of...

Commitment to Partners

Our commitments statement sets out our commitment to our partners. It is a key mechanism for accountability in our work, and we welcome your comments and feedback.

Living Wage Funder Commitment

We are a Living Wage Funder – that means that we are committed to both paying the Living Wage ourselves and supporting and enabling our charity partners to do the same.

Youth Engagement and Leadership Commitment

Youth engagement and leaderships runs through all our work and it’s important to define what we mean; what our aspirations are and how this impacts our grant making decisions. This commitment sets what we mean by youth engagement and leadership and specifies what we...