Natalie has over 10 years’ experience working with communities and young people in London; including people with disabilities, communities facing racial oppression, empowering women and girls, the LGBTQI+ community and has undertaken work in South Africa, Ethiopia, India, Jamaica and in refugee camps in Greece. Creator of a virtual global Pranayam healing+breathing space for the QTIBPOC community, exploring somatic healing in conjunction with environmental and racial justice.

Coming from The Ubele Initiative working on papers such as The Booska Papers and Harakati; she utilises her knowledge and advocacy for Black and minoritised communities in the UK in funding practice. From grassroot organising to campaigning at the UN; lead in organisations such as UK Black Pride, the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative on LGBTQI rights, International Rescue Committee, Malala Fund, global Foundations and at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation in South Africa.

She emerges from serving tenure on the Governance Board for youth activist organisation The Advocacy Academy.