The Performance Imperative

I highly recommend that anyone interested in impact take a look at the work of Leap of Reason and the 7 elements of performance they have developed - the performance imperative.
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NPC research on qualitative research

For those partners engaged in user voice and feedback from young people, interesting that New Philanthropy Capital are highlighting qualitative research in this relevant report published this week! Listen-and-learn_Qualitative-research_Final1
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Outdoor learning study

The Blagrave Trust funded some research attached here, into the outdoor learning sector, which has just been completed.   This is an area where we receive many funding applications and support a number of charities, as…
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Listening to young people

Gathering feedback and listening to young people - challenges and approaches. A study commissioned by the Blagrave Trust. September 2015 The Blagrave Trust and Keystone Accountability are interested in learning more about what youth-oriented charities…
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