How we fund

At the Blagrave Trust we:

  • Recognise that running and sustaining a high impact charity can be incredibly difficult and never more so than now.  We are passionate about ensuring that we do everything we can to support, and therefore increase the effectiveness of, the organisations that we are funding.
  • Understand that for many charities the business of raising funds, and reporting on their use, can absorb a disproportionate amount of time and can detract precious energy away from the core mission of the charity.
  • Know that mutual accountability to both young people using services provided by our charity partners, as well as to us as a funder, is essential. Where possible we want to break down the power imbalance between funders and funded, and enable an open and trusting relationship where both sides can learn and make progress.
  • Set ourselves high standards from which to hold ourselves to account, and monitor and review our own progress.

Our commitment statement signal the ways that we seek to put into practice these ideas in our daily work and how we uphold our values through our work. This is a live document; if you have any comments, please get in touch with