What we fund

Our core focus is young people ages 14 upwards; our mission is to enable young people to make a successful transition to adulthood. We focus here because young people in transition have access to less funding support.

Our funding covers three areas of work:

  1. Regional funding for youth focused charities in the South East of England (excl. London) supporting young people aged 14+ to make a positive transition to adult life. We support long term relationships based work with young people from the poorest areas of the region.
  2. Funding directly for young people to lead change themselves, have a voice in society and participate and be listened to in decisions affecting their lives. Read about the Opportunity Fund and Challenge and Change
  3. Funding that addresses the root causes of the issues we see manifest in young people’s problems and that supports advocacy, policy, research or campaigning. We tend to approach these partners directly ourselves.

Our regional programme supports organisations in the South of England – mainly Berkshire, Hampshire, Sussex and Wiltshire.  We rarely fund national organisations who want to expand their work locally, because we prioritise those that are based in the region and have less recourse to national funding pots.

To see a full list of what we have historically funded please view our  360 Giving Data or read our 2019 Final Accounts.

We provide unrestricted funding and therefore support organisations whose mission is clearly aligned with our own. This means we prioritise organisations that work solely or primarily with young people.

We believe all young people have a right to access high quality services that enables them to develop the skills, experience and capabilities they need to succeed at school, in work and in life. Covid 19 has thrown into sharp relief the impact of inequality on young people, particularly those in the poorest areas of the region, and we prioritise work for funding that supports young people to overcome and challenge it. We focus on work with young people whose needs are greatest and in areas of the region where there are higher rates of poverty.

Our minimum grant level is £10,000, as we want to work with charities in a deep and impactful way, and this means we rarely fund organisations where our grant would comprise more than 20% of total turnover.

If you are unsure as to whether your work is of interest to us, then you are welcome to get in touch.

Read more about how we make decisions here.

We do not fund:

  • Capital grants or building projects;
  • General recreational or social activities;
  • One off or short term activities;
  • Promotion of religion.
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